RFID College Attendance System

Subject Wise Attendance With Android Device and RFID Reader

Many College Attendance System have been introduced in the marked but they are not quite sufficient to track on students due to their limitations. Students have their subjects' combination, and they generally skip classes due to the information available on internet today.

Manual College Attendance system is time consuming and in order to introduce any new Attendance System in College we have to keep in the mind the following points.

With our RFID Attendance Solution, MyEclass, Attendance in Colleges or universities is possible with very little investment. The chance of Proxy Attendance is also taken care of with MyEclass.

In this system, Lecturers will be provided with a portable RFID reader which can be connected with any Android Device (Smart Phone/ Android Tablet). Once the RFID reader is connected with the Android device, lecturers will login through the Mobile Application and choose the Subject for which attendance is supposed to be recorded. Students would than, scan their RFID cards which is assigned to them with unique RFID numbers. Being Show and Go model students cannot give any proxy attendance and the attendance data would be pushed to the College Attendance Management Server, for the availability of necessary reports.

Benifits of RFID Android College Attendance System.