School & College Photo ID card Submission

Instructions for Students

In order to promote social distancing, student’s photo ID cards that are usually processed in person will now be processed remotely.  Students will use the MyEclass Platform to submit their information and photo. You will receive your ID Card from your school or College. If you have questions about picking up your ID Card, please contact your school directly. Do not visit or contact MyEclass for your ID card or to take a photo for your ID Card.  

To get your ID card, you are required to submit a current photo online. The photo should be passport-style and meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a photo file ready before starting this process.  Photo files should be:
    • A color photo formatted similar to a driver’s license or passport photo
    • The background must be a solid white or a light color
    • Your face and shoulders must be in the frame and be facing forward
    • NO sunglasses, hats, funny faces, props/emojis, or anyone else in the photo
    • NO photo-shopped or altered photos
    • File type of: JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIF, TIFF or GIF
    • File must be less than 10mb in size​​
  2. Do not forget to mention your Current School Name.
  3. If any other Sibling is Studying in the same School, Please Mention his / her Name & Class.
  4. Only If you are allotted with School house ( red/ green/ yellow/ blue ) color , do mention the same.
  5. Student’s first Mobile Number will be allocated as the username for Myeclass ERP login. So parents should provide the mobile number accordingly. One mobile number for only one student can be used to access MyEclass ERP.
  6. Photograph should be in School Uniform. Photographs without School Uniform will be rejected.
  7. One email address will be registered for one child. If you do not have any email address , kindly do mention your child name followed by class and write (eg
  8. In the password field choose any keycombination with a special character

All photo submissions are reviewed before approval. Please note that this is a manual process and approval time is necessary.

If you need to resize your photo before submitting, you may do so by using any one of the following applications.

  • Desktop: Picasa, Photoshop, Microsoft Picture Manager (PC only)
  • Online: Web Resizer
  • Mobile: Students and Staff can take a picture of themselves (following the guidelines above) with their phone and upload it via the link above through their phone’s web browser. Android phones may have different methods. There are also apps available to resize the photo.

Student Click Here 

To Submit information for Your School ID card. You may be redirected to New tab