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Learning Management System

An LMS is a stage for digital learning. With an LMS, you can create a single source of e-courses and training materials. You can manage courses and learners, and even improve efficiency. It's a well organized system where we manage the learning process. To start training, simply add students and assign courses.

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  1. An LMS allows creating and accumulating eLearning courses, provides learners access to the content, and helps you evaluate the results.
  2. An Academic learning is aimed at producing good students that have deep knowledge of the subjects and make every effort to learn more.
  3. An academic LMS typically tracks learners' progress through its grading system. It provides grade books for monitoring attendance and assignment results, as well as keeping other information for each student in the register.

Benifits of Using MyEclass LMS

  • MyEclass LMS manage student records, distribute courses to students, and provide features for online collaboration and communication.
  • With MyEclass LMS teachers can leave all the paperwork and concentrate on research. School/College owners, directors and admins can see various reports.
  • With MyEclass LMS organizations can Create online content, Register, track, test, Issue certificates, Maintain reports and education records.
  • My Eclass LMS is completely free and can be access for learning content anytime and anywhere. Teachers can conduct online virtual class and increase knowledge engagement.