With the huge spread of novel coronavirus disease, state governments across the country began shutting down all the public places including schools and colleges. One of the great impacts of Covid-19 is on the education sector of the country. Board examinations, school admissions, entrance tests of various universities and competitive examinations, others, are being held during this period. But only a handful of schools and colleges could adopt such methods and the low-income private and government school are quite inefficient to adopt the same, thus resulting in a shutdown.

The pandemic has transformed the centuries of old teaching methods, chalk-talk teaching model to one driven by technology.  Not just private, but even government schools are using multiple modes of learning and advanced school ERP systems for taking digital learning to the next level, with the help of Google Forms, Microsoft Forms ,Whatsapp, video call through Zoom, etc..

There is a online software known as “MyEclass “Specifically designed for the schools and has helped many schools from Meghalaya and North East to manage the operation and learning process when students and teachers can not be in the same room  during this pandemic period. MyEclass is North East India’s First RFID based Android Attendance system, which offers Free ERP to Schools. It functions as a communication platform that enhances information and data sharing in real-time. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Effective learning management System: Through the e-Learning System, teachers can share the learning material in the virtual classes. They can upload various types of documents, e-books, videos. Through this system, teachers can assess the learning process through various types of tests such as quizzes, chapter tests, or final exams. Teachers can opt for multiple choices, fill in the blank, true/false, image and can also attach images.
  • Involving parents’ role: There is a concern that revolves around home-based learning from the parents. What if both parents are working, unable to work from home, how can they monitor their children who are supposed to study at home?
  • MyEclass provides a portal for parents that can be accessed from anywhere. It is multifunctional and parents get notification, email and SMS.
  • Saves Natural Resources: Stationary right from the paper files to records is saved when the ERP system is used for performing routine administrative tasks. It leads to saving the natural resources and keeps a digital track of the data. Also it does not create a mess of the records to be maintained.
  • Reduction in the Cost of Communication: All the essential data is available on the software and hence there is a reduction in the cost of communication, which includes calling and sending out messages to let the parents and student know about the various activities within the institution.

With MyEclass School will be able to perform the following activities.

  • Receive online applications for online admission process and approve or reject any application.
  • Take the attendance of your students & staffs, through their RFID enabled identity Cards.
  • Send Automatic SMS alert to Parent/Guardian of absentee student.
  • Send Bulk SMS and Mobile Notification for special events and announcements to parents and Staff.
  • Teachers can assign homework and assignments to students from anywhere any time.
  • Can conduct online examination, with online quiz system.
  • Can communicate with parents in short time.
  • Reduce cost by 30% to 50% on current ID cards and Software.
  • Students can use the online learning courses through our Learning Management system.
  • Most importantly have online presence with School’s Own Website and Android application in Google Playstore useful for parents, students and School Staffs.

With MyEclass now even a low-income private and government school can have a web presence and they can digitize their schools.  MyEclass offers following products absolutely free to the schools.

  • Dynamic website with unlimited number of pages. Schools do not have to spend on website designing and yearly maintenance on website.
  • School online Admission Software.
  • Online examination/Quiz System.
  • Online Learning Management System similar to Byjus, Vedantu, UpGrad etc  (lms.kiwecart.com)
  • MyEclass – School Software with Mobile App on Google Play store with School Name and Logo
  • Shared Server on MyEclass

“Nothing in life is ever free”, rather we should believe that “nothing good in life is free.” If you are getting something for free, there is either a hidden cost somewhere or what you are getting has no real value in it. Value is tricky. We all want products and services that are valuable. We don’t want cheap and worthless things. We want a thing of value without having to pay the cost or the price that really recognizes the value. Average cost of any School ERP in India for upto 500 numbers of students is Rs 30000-Rs72000 per year, and the average cost of ordinary PVC ID card with Screen Printing ordinary lanyard varies from Rs 60 to Rs 100 per year.

With MyEclass school ERP ,schools would be able to save that amount of money every year as MyEclass School ERP comes for free but as we mentioned “nothing good in life is valuable’ and “nothing in life is ever free” . Thus to get MyEclass School ERP for free school need to pay for RFID Android Auto Attendance solution which is offered at a reasonable rate to the School. With MyEclass RFID Android attendance Solution, school can upgrade the manual attendance system to digital attendance system where attendance would be conducted with the help of ID cards, RFID readers and android devices.

Demo Links

Pricing:  School owners / Principal/ School Administrator can visit the website of Myeclass (https://myeclass.in/contact-us/ ) and can contact trough their contact us page. There is no hidden cost during the academic year, and many service testimonials also would be shared whenever required.

Price comparison

ParticularsThird PartyMyEclass
Server5000Free ( on Myeclass server)
Dynamic Website Designing15000-25000 ( limited number of pages)Free ( unlimited pages)
Online Admission Software with Admin Panel10000-15000Free
Online Quiz System5000-10000Free
Learning Management System ( eg.  Byjus, Vedantu, etc)800-1000 per month per subject  or 10000 per year per classFree
RFID Readers10000 – 25000 per deviceFree
SMS15 paisa – 18 paisa per sms10000 sms for every 500 students free
NotificationRs 3 per month per student Free Unlimited
Android Tablets 7 inch wifi without calling MRP or 15% discount on MRPFree 1 No for every 250 students.
School ERP with Mobile app with school name and logo on Google Play StoreRs 10 to rs 20 per month per student or Rs 30000-72000 per year (upto 500 students)FREE
Printed RFID ID cards with Screen Printing and Ordinary Lanyard and card holderRs 60 – Rs 80 per cardFree
RFID Android auto attendance Solution for school and College ( subject wise) attendanceNo one provides in North East India  We are only one who provides this solution in North East India
Service Charge including GST and Transportation per student / staff per year Unknown                Rs 130 – Rs 150/- ( only for Meghalaya)

Post Covid-19 is an opportunity to transform the higher education system. Schools and Colleges should utilize this opportunity to transform itself. Curriculum design, collaborations, skill development and faculty involvement —all should focus on internationalizing higher education. Today it is Covid-19. We don’t know what lies ahead in future .