RFID School Attendance

RFID School Attendance

Attendace Through Android Devices & RFID Readers

The systems include RFID Readers, Android Devices (Smart Phone/ Tablet PC, RFID cards which is assigned and given to the students. These RFID cards are read by the RFID reader (hardware equipment) which is connected with Android Devices (mobile phones/ Tablets) and details of the students are been read and recorded with our ERP product "MyEclass". With this system teachers do not need to take manual roll calls and even the proxy of Students can be avoided as the students need to show their ID cards to the "Readers" and walk to their classrooms.

The system not only saves time by providing auto attendance solution but it can be used to inform the parents about the student's absenteeism through SMS service Or Mobile notifications (Automatically/ manually). The system is plug & play, and do not require any kind of wiring, or worry about power backup. Android device is detachable and can be moved in the school premises. Our RFID attendance can be used for BUS attendance system too.

We are providing the Hardware Equipments (2 to 20 Nos), School Attendance Software, School ERP with Mobile Application, printed students Identity cards ,Printed Lanyards with ID Card Holders free of cost to the institute.



  • No need to take manual roll calls
  • Eliminates Proxy Attendance.
  • Saves time and helps teacher to conduct classes more efficiently.
  • Eliminates paper work.
  • Increases transparency between student, professor and parents.
  • Multiple student attendance report.
  • Light weight portable device ( tablet and Readers) .
  • Easy management system (ERP).
  • Auto push of punch data to server.
  • Mobile App for Parents and professors/Teachers.
  • Advantage of Using LMS facility